Symposium in Homage to Michel Jeanneret (1940-2019)

Symposium in Homage to

Michel Jeanneret (1940-2019)

Friday, April 30, 2021 – 9:00AM-1:00PM PST




Cécile Alduy (Stanford University)
Dominique Brancher (Universität Basel)
Terence Cave (Oxford University)
Yves Citton (Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis)
Tom Conley (Harvard University)
Jérôme David (University of Geneva)
Max Engammare (Librairie Droz, University of Geneva)
Ullrich Langer (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Frank Lestringant (Paris 4 Sorbonne)
Mary McKinley (University of Virginia)
Jan Miernowski (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Frédéric Tinguely (University of Geneva)
Florian Preisig (Eastern Washington University)

Cynthia Skenazi (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Walter Stephens (Johns Hopkins University)

With the presence of

Marian Hobson Jeanneret


Jean-Claude Carron (University of California, Los Angeles)

This “symposium” convened to honor Michel Jeanneret (1940-2019) will memorialize the critical and creative achievements of one of the pillars of early modern studies today. We will bear witness to his pioneering contributions to the current critical discourse on French and European studies, covering both the ancient and nouveau régimes, from the Sixteenth Century, with, among others, Vinci, Erasmus, Rabelais, Ronsard, Montaigne, to Versailles, Nerval, and contemporary French cultural politics (« Cinquante-huit réponses à Nicolas Sarkozy », Critique 2009). Participants will attest to how, as literary scholar focusing on hermeneutic and textual interpretation, the Genevan critic was also interested in culture, philosophy, visual arts, architecture, food, society, and, recently, digital humanities (Bodmer Foundation). To that end, together we will assess how Michel Jeanneret, the scholar, the teacher, and the humanist, bears witness to what being human means.

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